The Enviromenstrual™ Underwear

Your planet-conscious protection from leakage-freakage


The Sleep Tight

Designed with heavy periods in mind, The Sleep Tight provides exceptional absorbency for a comfortable leak-free sleep without sacrificing style...

Customer reviews
Customer reviews
The most comfy ones I’ve tried! Great for me and the environment :)) highly recommend!!
— Jess about The Sweetheart
Customer reviews
So soft and lovely. These fuller ones are perfect for that 1st night. They wear and wash up wonderfully.
— Bec about The Full Brief
Customer reviews
These are great, I was as little sceptical at first but have never experienced any leaks or funky smell :)
— M. About The Brazilian

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Our Undies: Little Things With A Big Impact

Formulated with organic cotton and nylon made from recovered ocean plastics, these underpants whisk moisture away from your body(and plastics away from the turtles!), keeping you dry and "good karma'd" all period long.

Protect your garments with our laundry bags!

Keep your undies looking their best and add longevity to your garments with our mesh laundry bag.

Measuring 48 x 43 cm, these laundry bags are perfect not only for your period undies but to protect any piece of clothing you care a little extra for.