How our Wunderthings work 

What do we know about your flow? 

Well – among other things (we are purveyors of menstrual products after all), we can confidently affirm that no two flows are the same. Some are spotty, some are heavy, and almost all change from time to time. 

With that in mind, we've created a range of high-quality, planet-conscious underwear, designed to keep you safe and dry when you need it most. 


The Wunderthings Recipe

 With four slim-line layers of fabric, our enviromenstrual underwear has been designed to let your body breathe, while wicking away up to 4 tampons worth of flow in one wear. 

Our fabric

Societies desire to create and buy new products can seem infinite, but we all know the planets resources are not. By recovering nylon waste from the ocean and recycling it back to it's original purity, we're able to avoid using non-renewable resources like crude oil, while also significantly lessening CO2 emissions across the board.
At Wunderthings, we're proud to say we're saving your flow and the turtles in one go. 



So... which one will you need? 

We've got three levels of absorbency to take you from day one, through 'til the end of your cycle. Light (aka The Slow Flow), Medium (aka The Middy), or Heavy (aka The Wing Woman). We recommend at least one of each to cover all your bases.




And what about how to clean them?


It's as easy as one, two, three. See the table below for how to keep your undies clean and ready to wear.