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Can I wear Wunderthings period undies without any additional protection?

Absolutely, Wunderthings period undies have been designed to be a total replacement for disposable hygiene products.

You can also wear them in conjunction with tampons or cups for an added layer of protection.

Will I need to change my period underwear throughout the day/night?

Depending on your flow our period undies can last you up to 12 hours at your discretion. Remember our Wunderthings come in different absorbencies so hold different capacities.

We recommend using one pair throughout the day and another for bedtime. 

Does your period undies smell?

No, our Wunderthings consist of 4 layers for your protection.

One of these layers has been specifically designed for odour control – it consists  of organic cotton fibres, which are known for their breathability and ability to neutralise bad odours and bacteria.

Can Wunderthings period undies be used for incontinence and light bladder leaks?

Yes, any of our heavy absorbency styles particularly The Sleep Tight will do the job as they wick away up to 20mls each wear.

Are Wunderthings period undies a hygienic alternative?

Yes, We only use organic cotton fibres against the skin, which are known for their breathability and ability to neutralise bad odours and bacteria.  Because our underwear are super absorbent, they keep you feeling fresh and dry.

Are Wunderthings Eco-Friendly?

Our period undies replace the need for disposable hygiene products. By choosing to wear Wunderthings you are reducing the use of single use plastics preventing thousands of pads, tampons and liners ending up in landfill or being flushed into our waterways.

Are Wunderthings ethically made?

Wunderthings are Australian owned and designed, We work closely with our overseas manufactures to make sure that they comply with fair work standards and fair wages. Our fabrics are Global recycled standard, GOTS certifified, and approved by OEKO-TEX standards. 

I accidently put them in the dryer – will they still work?

Although we do not recommend using the dryer as it will break down the functionality of the absorbency. Don't worry, an accidental tumble dry or two will not ruin your Wunderthings.

 Are your underwear free of harmful chemicals?

All our materials have been scientifically tested to ensure they comply with global safety standards and requirements. We do not use PFAS or nanotechnology in our undies.

How do I care for my period undies?

Simply rinse them in cold water straight after wear, wash them with the rest of your dark clothes (in a laundry bag if you have one) and let them dry naturally.

Can period undies be worn post partum?

Yes. Our Sleep tight is designed specifically for post partum. They are our most absorbent style with the largest panels of absorbency to keep you feeling secure and protected. We recommend using these a week after birth.

How do I choose the right size for me?

We recommend that you choose your normal size in underwear. Our Sleep tight does run a little small so we recommend going up a size in this style.

Will I feel wet wearing period undies?

No, providing you match our absorbency with your flow then you will remain dry and protected. If you do happen to feel wet, simply pop on a fresh pair or go up an absorbency level on those heavy days. 

First time using Wunderthings?

We recommend you try them on a lighter day of your period or when you are at home. This way you can see how the undies work for you and learn how your flow matches the different absorbency levels.

Can Wunderthings period undies be used as a back-up when I have my period?

Yes, Wunderthings are an amazing back up plan to ensure you never have the worry of leaking. However, when the correct absorbency product is purchased, Wunderthings can be worn as a total replacement to disposable products such as pads, tampons and liners.

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