Good question.

Is it the super cute designs? The fun branding? The ultra-comfy fit?

Of course! Probably! But there’s a whole lot more to it too.

Care to hear more?

Kind to our planet.

After kick starting her career in the fashion industry, Wunderthing’s Co-Founder Lucy received a whole heap of super honest feedback from her clients on what they liked, what they hated and what they found completely baffling about the industry. Her biggest take home? Sustainability was lacking.

And as a lifelong recycler, tree lover and quiet environmentalist, Lucy knew she had to do more. Along with her husband Guy, the two set themselves a challenge: “What can we create that will help the fashion industry reduce toxic and plastic landfill?”

Fast forward almost two decades and Wunderthings was born. A range of leak-preventing, planet-protecting and period-friendly underwear that is kind to the planet in more ways than one.

  1. Wundierthings are made with organic cotton and nylon regenerated from ocean plastics. Yep, you read that right. The fine fabric of your undies is manufactured from abandoned nylon fishing nets that were once drifting around the ocean, killing almost everything that came into its path. By recycling this matter from the water, you’re helping to create a cleaner and healthier environment for the sea life to call home.
  2. Not only do our undies remove hectares of life destroying fishing nets from our oceans, these cute knickers also save tonnes of toxic landfill by reducing our reliance on single-use sanitary products. If it’s your first-time using period-friendly undies, you’ve probably wondering how (and if!) they really work. That’s why we’ve covered all of your burning questions, right here. 


And kind to you too!

Sure, we want to take care of our beautiful planet. But we want to make sure we’re looking after you too. Regenerated nylon is strong, durable and created to last, with a wunderfully silky soft feel that is ideal for comfy wearing. These are the sorts of knickers you can wear again and again and again – and it’ll still feel like the very first time.

Our organic cotton is also selected to be completely clean. That means it’s produced without any of the chemical irritants and nasties that are known to argue with your skin. And THAT? Well, that means your undies won’t leave you irritated, itchy and annoyed.

Confident! Strong! Empowered!

Every woman, at every age, and every time of the month deserves to feel confident, strong and empowered. And (conveniently), that’s exactly what Wunderthings is here to do. Say goodbye to your days of daggy knickers and leakage freakage. Wunderthings are a fun and flirty ticket to an active, carefree and environmentally conscious lifestyle. Our products are reliable, trusty and completely fool-proof. You can wear them anywhere, trust them to work and feel confident 

Life can be fun all month long. In fact, it should be fun all month long. And we want everyone who wears our products to really, truly have the confidence to tackle every day as if they’ve already won it. Because with Wunderthings, you have.

One small step at a time.

Right now, there is more than 269,000 tonnes of plastic in the ocean. Scary, huh? And that stat is probably why plenty of women feel like their life choices won’t make a huge difference in the scheme of things.

But we couldn’t disagree more (sorry!).

The average woman uses almost 10,000 tampons in her lifetime. Yup, it’s a lot. Imagine if one woman cut her sanitary item usage in half by using Wunderthings – or even eliminated it all together.

And then? What if she encouraged 5 of her friends to do the same?

And then each of those women encouraged 5 more?

You get what we mean. Our decisions not only impact our own lifestyles, they’ve got the potential to influence others as well. And that’s where the real impact begins. 

May 24, 2022 — Lucy Wright